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2001-12-29 00:44:57 (UTC)

A perfect day - another way to see paradise

Today I went to a style hair saloon and cut my hair just a
little. Advantage of a long haired style is to cut many
times and many ways. And girl like even the styler women at
saloon. It is more nice to cut a man hair than woman. But
woman hair is beauty.
I get some new mouse because this mouse finally broke all.
I got parfume too. And gave to friend Mel as she deserved
to won at 24th December 2001. I said her things she deserved
to hear from me since eight months ago. Well she was still
in shame than in pride because tough people touched her
life. She acted as I was trying to use her than love. If
it was possible. But herself knows the truth. She just
could not understand that I know the truth. Enemies said
so tough so much for her. I was not by her side to defend.
Well after all I said I finally asked when she would go her
home. Because I had something for her. I said I only could
give it when she was going home. Or tough people would take
it from her. She said was going now. And asked me if it was
chocolate candy. I gave her. She told me she had that
parfume someday. Maybe days when she was a little girl.
Little things means so much when feelings is what you are
saying. Parfume was a simple national fragancy. Made of
fruits flowers and some raw materials.
I am writting as kid. Maybe because I am with hope.
Something new to these days. Hope instead to waiting for.
Tonight was good for heros. We the champions of streets
of my home town.