Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2001-12-29 03:36:04 (UTC)

Well another end to another day

Hmmm. I'm at Sandy's. We went to youth group. Two
Witches, a Druid, and a nondenominational Pagan sitting in
the back of the congregation when it was actually service
time. Beautiful. Well while people were standing and
singing in praise of their god and savior, we were sitting
down. I stared straight ahead and praised the Lady in the
safe confines of my own mind, Daniel (the druid) was
singing about non-christian things, Saundra was laughing at
Daniel sometimes, but usually she was just really
uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Her muscles were so
tense she couldn't move her right arm at all. She tried to
leave, too, but Daniel took her chain and chained her to
him. Dennis (the nondenominational Pagan), was just
sitting, sometimes cracking jokes about nonchristian stuff
too. The band playing sucked so badly I got a headache,,
and these two chicks in another row were jumping like they
were at a freaking concert. This bitch we were talking to
before service was staring at us because we wouldn't
stand. It was so funny because when the ppl were told to
sit, we looked at each other, mouthed a count of three, and
stood for a good ten seconds. Stop and count that. It's
longer than it sounds especially when you're the only ones
doing it. That was fun. Anyway, about the bitch before
service, what happened was this chick and two of her
friends were about to leave when they stopped and started
to stare rudely at Daniel after glancing at all of us.
Daniel said,"Well go on and leave if you're going to
leave." SO the bitch stops and refuses to move because he
said that, saying that because he said she should if she
planned to, she didn't have to, even though he spoke
politely. So he was like,"Then you can stand their
flopping around like an idiot" very calmly since she was
swishing her arms around. She got this major attitude,
asaying Daniel was an idiot not her. WHen he asked wahst
made her think that, she said he was stupid because he wore
lipstick (it was black) and he wasn't a girl, we had a
stupid hairstyle (tiny spikes), and he wore black self-
mutilated clothes. I never noticed that style had anything
to do with intelligence. This girl also decided to express
her opinions, but when we (Daniel, Sandy, and I) proceeded
to express ours, she was just like "well I don't care about
y'all's opinions because they're not my opinions." Oh, to
live that shrouded in ignorance! Well, whatever. She
frustrated me with her ignorance and attitude. We had to
explain Paganism to her and when I told her to try getting
info online, she just said that she didn't want to because
it wasn't her religion. What an ignorant bitch. Bye.