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2001-12-29 02:28:57 (UTC)


Time Started: 12.14pm
Mood: Kinda Bored
Listening to: Dead Kennedys - Moral Majority

Well Brad's party wasn't that bad. Except Roxy didn't get
here till after 9 o'clock! It was her dad's birthday
yesterday (which she didn't tell me bout) and so she was
celebrating with him. Which is fair enough, I understand
that, I'm suprised she came at all actually. But a phone
call would have been nice. That's the only thing that
annoys me about Roxy. She is an excellent girlfriend but
she is always late. Not just when we are doing stuff, she
is late for pretty much everything with everyone. She's a
busy girl so I don't mind her being late, but it would just
be nice if she would call. It's not uncommon for her to be
two or three hours late and not even bother to call me to
explain where she is and when she will be round. Of course
when she turns up she aplogises and I say it's ok and then
that's the end of it. I always plan on saying something
about it, but I can never stay mad at her. I've never been
able to, even when we weren't going out. Something happens
to me when I am with her, like nothing else matters, she
could do anything to me and I wouldn't get mad at her. But
if it keeps happening (which I'm sure it will) I'm gonna
have to say something. I think if I don't I'll keep
getting madder and madder until I eventually confront her
and blow it out of proportion. I think it's best I explain
it now to her then let that happen.

Anyway, about 15 or so people turned up last night. I
didn't know anyone except for Ken, Brad, Amy and Roxy so I
just hung out with Roxy and Ken all night. We ended up
watching CKY 3 cause the party started to get to boring.

I got nothing to do today. It's gonna be a boring day.
I'll prolly just watch the cricket all day or something.

Well that's it for now.

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