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2001-12-29 02:00:58 (UTC)

Where Have I Been

Where are my friends that cared
Where have they gone
They seem to have left me
I must fight this world alone

I see them there
Laughing and having fun
I wonder to myself
What wrong have I done

When it seems so hard
Just to pray
When I just dont care
About today

Where have they been
My friends from long ago
The ones who loved me
That I used to know

I don't Understand
How they could forget me
Just Pass me bye
Just let me be

I woke up today
But It wasn't from my bed
It was from my heart
That had so long been dead

My friends hadnt left me
They were always there
and everyday from them
Heaven recived a prayer

I was too deaf to hear
Them asking what was wrong
To blind to see
With them I belong

They were there for me
While I was lost in sin
The Question they asked

(To: Rach, Jon, Becca, Kris, Jenn, Nick, Allen, Jeri, Jenn,
Lori, Bobby, James, Tiff, Justin)

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