All in the Night
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2001-12-29 01:35:40 (UTC)


I really need to update my diary on a daily basis. When i
first started writing in it, I tried to make an update a
daily thing....hahaha that didn't last long. OK well
anyways, let's see, what's been going on. Umm....Christmas
went by failry well, no major commotion or anything. Got a
new guitar, yay! I haven't seen Andrew in a while, we need
to get together...our lil' party at Kt's was fun for the
part i got to stay for. Omg, i met Chad's parents and they
think I'm SHY!!!! Hahaha! Agh, someone that is really
getting on my nerves is Andre! He wont leave me alone,
always touching me or whatever, and then on Christmas Eve
he walked out to the car with me and when he hugged me,
KISSED me. Agh, i can't believe he did that, esp. since he
KNOWS I'm dating Chad. Seriously, if I WANT you to kiss
me, you'll know it...OH and one other thing, he'd better
not be playing my friend, b/c if he does I'll kill
him...it's like this, He makes her cry, I'll make him
cry... Agh, i had my wisdom teeth cut out on
thursday...Doug came over and when my mom woke me up i was
laying in a pool of blood...can we say icky?! I mean that
boy sat there and saw me like that and listened to me talk
crazy out of my head for 3 hours and still stayed
there...now i know why we're such good friends. Doug is
great! Oh and Amanda, thank you for calling me to see how
i was!!!! I love ya! Well, I'm out for the evening, I'd
type more but i think this medicine is kicking