2000-11-21 19:21:37 (UTC)

November 21,2000 2:20PM Dear..

November 21,2000

Dear Diary~
whats up? nothin much here. for some reason i am really depressed
and i dont feel like doing anything, or going anywhere, or i dont
know. i just feel really depressed. its weird, like once a week i
feel like this. see i feel like no1 loves me, or no1 cares about me.
but i should know that people do. i dont know.

I missed school again today. i just feel like never going. i dont
know. but i didnt turn in my egg project, so ill get in trouble for
that. it would have worked to! but oh well.

I havent talked to chris in like 3 days. i miss him.. but @ the
same time... ik dont think i like him. i dont know. iuts really weird
how im feeling lately. well im going to go cuz im getting a head
ache. peace