My Life to Live
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2001-12-29 01:00:57 (UTC)


Today has been a good day!! I had a basketball game and we
won we are finally playin as a team it's so great to be
comunicateing and getting along!! Well my vacation hasn't
been the best in the world but Im happy, I might get to go
to TJ's house for New Years its gonna be a blast if I get
to go I cant wait till I see him!! He's the best friend
and b-friend. Anyways I have another b-ball game in the
moring at 10 and if we win another later on, im glad but,
that kinda sux though cuz i was suposed to go bowlin up
where TJ works and now I probly can't. I haven't talked to
him today because i figure if he wants to talk to me he'll
call me besides I hate callin guys houses cuz you don't
know if they really want to talk to you or not? My side
hurts cuz some stupid girl on the other team jumped into
me!! Well I had a really good x-mas I got a playstation2
and a really cool remote control car, it kicks butt!!! I
dont have any thing else to say right now cuz everthing is
goin good, so bye!

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