What's up now?
2001-12-29 00:53:10 (UTC)

yeah for it being friday :)

Not that today is any different than any other day of the
week...ya know, like it doesnt signify the end of the work
week, or anything like....but yea!!!! Tonight....well
tonight, I'm doing nothing until like 10...then Brian will
call, he'll come get me, and we'll be off for a fun filled
night of hanging out with J and's usually a
good time, except when the boys are big jerks....which they
probably will be since they havent seen eachother in a very
long time....but I guess we'll see!!! If it sucks, we'll
just leave...Even though I'll be sad to leave Trish....I
wont see her again till Monday, but then we'll be partyin
hard so yea for New YEars only being 3 days away!!! wooo
hooo!!!! I cant wait to see Sarah and Erika, and MAYBE a
few others whom I havent seen in a long time!!! Oooh I
cant wait :) hehe....sooo hmm...not too much else has sister is being QHITE irritating, I swear I
was the older child....oh well...Just one more wee(this
makes me sad) and I'll be back at school....ahhh....back to
the good old routine of school....Well here's to a great
weekend everyone!!! CHEERS :)

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