this is my life
2001-12-28 23:55:33 (UTC)

the bottle incident

well..i cannot believe what happened today. jeb and i were
driving home and i had a bottle and was playing with it in
my mouth. jeb told me to put it down. didn't ask..told. i
took it out of my mouth and just put my tongue on it. then
he grabbed it from my hand and threw it in front onf my car
while we were moving. i ran over glass and glass flew up at
the car. i yelled. he yelled. i said somthing like he
should've asked and he can't talk to me like he's my
father. he said he could talk to me however he wanted.
anyway. we got home and i looked at my credit card bill. i
don't remember what happened after that. jeb got out of the
car and threw the pie and groceries at the house then
marched away like a five year old. i could not believe
that. he yelled at me and i yelled at him. i picked up the
groceries and we went inside. we haven't spoken since. i
wanted some roy rogers, but jeb said he'd cook this chicken
bake stuff. i guess he's not going to now. maybe i'll go
get some roy rogers. i am so hungry. i yelled F*** you at
him. i regret that. this is so stupid. i can't believe
this. we're both just too proud to say anything. this is
ridiculous. i can't believe we fight about such stupid
stuff. i have noticed i'm getting more emotional lately.
like today..jason said i couldn't take my lunch with jeb and
i almost cried. that's pathetic. i wish this little tiff
was over and we could get on with our life. i remember the
first fight we ever got in. we were wrestling upstairs in
the old bedroom. i told jeb to stop..stop..STOP. then i
yelled and he left the room. i felt so bad. i cried. then
i went out to where he was and put my arms around him. that
seems like so long ago..then sometimes it feels like only
yesterday. we have been through a lot together...i can't
believe we've been together almost a year. geeze..that's
nothing i guess considering i am going to spend the rest of
my life with him. it's just a little brick in the castle
that will become our life. that's retarded. i do love him
a lot, though. more than anything. i've wanted to feel
even closer to him lately..i guess it's because of the baby.
oh..i love him a lot

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