Mysterious Attitude
2001-12-28 23:23:51 (UTC)

Friday December 28,2001

*Wearing: My purple and white gary shirt and sum blue jeans
*Jewelry: tha usual and my vine ring
*Hair: down messed up... I still have to take a shower
*Listenin to : My cd player... its on shuffle with most of
my cd's in it.
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day : :::turns the radio:: and the winner
is.... BSB-Don't wanna lose u now
*Weather: eh the weather has been different all tha days
*Talking to : no one my away message is on
*Mood: eh... mood swings suck
*Thinking: My mind is blank

Its been a while since I have wrote... reason being... my
computer was down and was in the shop... I just got it back
Wednesday... the hard drive had to be replaced but they
were able to save all my files... but everything is soooooo
different :(


Mmm... school let out like the 22nd or 23rd sumthing like
that... to tell u the truth school has been going pretty
good for me... I have a lot more friends and everything...
Sharia gave me a xmas card but I have yet to give her
one.... but don't worry I will!!!
Ok this has been on my mind since it happened... I'm not
sure when it happened... but I remember it quite well...
see I was in my third hour which is art... and I sit next
to these really pretty gurls...and one of the most hottest
boys in the school is in that class with me... Pablito is
his name... but anyway... I was talkin to Emily... and he
came by us... and touched all of our necks... I tell u I
had automatic chills for over an hour and a half after
that... lol and all he did was barely touch my neck... hehe
so hey he found one of my mmm hot spots... mmm I get the
chills from just thinking bout it... so lets move on shall
we lol...

~*~*ERICA & Shopping~*~*

Lets see... Erica has been coming to my house a lot
lately... and she calls me everyday... we played monopoly
like 3 times and whateva... and yesterday we went to
dots... here is what I got:

1 pair of jeans that bell out and have a two shade blue and
a white glitterly design at the bottom
1 pair of jeans that have ruffles on the sides,around the
top, and around the back that have slits in the legs
1 black shirt that has a red rose with silver and purple
around it that says Rock and Roll Fesival
1 black and red thong with silver stars
1 Best Friend File book... where u like grade your

Erica got:

1 pair of jeans that have like button things down the sides
and around the pockets... which I paid for half of it
3 things of earrings so bout 20 or more pairs which I also
paid for
1 cross necklace which I paid for
1 Best Friend File Book... I also paid for

I had 70 sumthing dollars that my uncle,gram,and David
gave me for xmas... so as u can see I spent way over 20
bucks on Erica but its all good it was a xmas gift.... I
also gave her a card with a bottle of Sweet Honesty
purfume :) She made me a really pretty card which I still
have and gave me 3 gel pens that she loved :)So I'm
starting to make me a new best friend since Andria has
nutting to do with my anymore =-/


I wrote her 3 poems for like a xmas gift... when I finish
them I will put them up on here... but as of right now I
have a lot to write... she is supposed to be coming over
here tomorrow and staying the night... and I talked to her
online last night.... and from what I understand she don't
think I should be thinking bout her in a gurlfriend sorta
way... so I told her I wasn't going to show her the poems I
wrote cuz thats what they are bout... but she was like your
going to show me them damn poems... so I dunno if I will or
not... she's really starting to piss me off... since the
last time she has came over here... its like thats the only
way I think of her... and now she don't want me to do
that... so what the hell... what am I supposed to do? Keep
my feelings to myself like I have done for all these
years... or let them show and risk losing a friend over it?
I really don't know... but I will figure out sumthing...I
know I will...


Eh... xmas didn't even seem like xmas... we didn't even
bother to wrap the presents this year.... eh I opened my
presents 3 days before xmas.. so u know xmas was like
another day.... but here is what I got...

1 Video Tape- Moses Egypt's Great Prince
3 cdz- Jagged Edge,Usher, Shakira
1 Purse
1 gold nugget braclet 14k
3 stuffed animals
1 Karaoke machine
2 sets of brushes
5 pair of pants
3 shirts
Bunches of makeup... lipstick,glitter,nail polish etc
1 N'Sync Doll-Chris
1 Nail Set thingy
and sum other stuff I can't think of

~*~*THA FIGHT~*~*

Well like 2 days before Christmas... my mom's car broke down and she
had my uncle Bear fix it... but she got all pissed off cuz he charged
150 dollars. So at this point she won't talk to him or my aunt
Renee... Uncle Bear is in bad shape tho... he is havin all kinds of
medical problems... so I dunno... I'm worried bout him... my mom has
a cold heart... what can I say :( Well mmm... thats bout all for
that... time for a new entry... lol