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2001-12-28 23:20:43 (UTC)


Well, I got off early today, which is all good! Anyway, I
have something on my mind. Okay, I've noticed that a lot of
older men look at me. I'm not talking about in a "Aww,
she's cute" kind of way. I've caught men looking at me in
a "Awww, I wouldn't mind trying her!" kind of way. Today,
an older man came in with his two SONS(sons!!!) and they
were eating their food. Well, I was in the lobby on my
break eating also. The two little boys kept looking at me,
so I was waving to them and stuff like that. I couldn't
help it, they were adorable. Anyway, their father kept
looking at me, so I thought that maybe one of the boys had
told him that I was sticking my tongue out at them. I was
thinking to myself "Oh Lawd, that lil child done told on
me." LOL But when I was getting up to throw my stuff
away, the FATHER looked at me and kept looking at me when I
passed by. He was looking at my booty. Then when I got to
the counter, I turned around and he was turned around
looking at me. Now, the whole time I was still thinking the
lil boy told on me. But I realized it had nothing to do
with it when the father came up to the counter and looked
at me and kinda gave me this flirty smile. Then he winked
his eye! GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Maybe I'm taking it too far,
but stuff like that happens almost every time I work. I
don't do anything. I mean, I act nice and sometimes hold a
conversation with the people, but that's about it. I just
don't like it. I don't want to be sexy, cute, pretty,
whatever to anyone. I just want someone to be attracted to
me because I hold a good conversation or the fact that I'm
outgoing. I mean, I'm not saying that I want people to
overlook me because sometimes it is nice to hear someone
say you look nice. But please don't look at my body that
way. I know the booty is highjacked....I can't help that.
Just don't think that because my body is a certain way,
that maybe I do this or do that. It's not like that with
me. Don't look at me as just another face(pretty face) and
think that's all that I'm about. I'm more than that. I
guess I just don't want to end up being someone's trophy on
their arm. I'm not trying to sound all that because I know
I have more than enough faults. But being light-skinned,
nicely shaped, having long hair, and a cute face shouldn't
automatically be a given for people to think the things
that they do. I know I just jumped from one thing to
another, but a lot is bothering me right now. Let me go
before I have a book on this thang!

LOL, that was corny....sorry.