trip to my brain
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2001-12-28 23:12:17 (UTC)


So today my family was over here i ahte that shit like 20
fuckin people who just look at me like a weirdo the whole
time. so im watchin one of my favorite movies (better off
dead) with my daughter and one family member who never
ceases to piss me off says josh shut the tv off (how bout i
shut it off with your fuckin face!) i was fuckin pissed but
what the hell can i do about it. thank god for liquer if it
wasent for the booze id probally be another x-mas suicide.
so im off to work at my new job AT THE NUDIE BAR! WOO HOO!
and i am very well sedated on pharmicuticals and whiskey
and it my friends b-day and there partyin at the club so
tonight should be a good night.