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2001-12-28 23:11:00 (UTC)

A Pointless Day

Well, first I would like to thank those of you who read my
last entry, My Little Dilema, it was my very first on an
online journal. I feel like my life (over Christmas
vacation) has become a meaningless void in my life. I mean,
I do absolutely nothing. I think this bothers me because I
am used to being so active with everything, you know:
working, school, blah, blah, and all that other good stuff.
But now, I am visiting with my father (yes, I am a victim
of divorced parenting) and the rest of my family at his
house, and I find myself just doing nothing all day. I
mean, I don't have a car here, so what is the point - and
my stupid sister wont let me drive hers, what a bitch, but
whatever. I find myself staying up until odd hours of the
night baking or eating something, I have also been reading
quite a bit lately, which is odd, because I was never
really to big on reading - I just find it dullfully boring.
I don't work while I am here, because, who wants to hire
you for only one month? No one. So I must wait until I
return to my beautiful California to start working again. I
am just at a loss for words. All my friends here work
during the day, so, yes, boredom has struck me more than
once these past couple of weeks. I went shopping today. But
not for me. I have a total of $59 in my checking right now,
and I can't dip into the saving, my parentals would kill
me. I bought my step mom some stuff for her birthday
tomorrow. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can come up
with $600 by Jan. 22nd? Yeah, I am going to Hawaii with my
bestest friend, and can't use money in the savings account
for random vacations out of the continental US. Hm... What
a situation .... I have to finish cooking dinner now. I
hope everyone has found some purpose for their day today.