~The Underworld~
2001-12-28 22:57:05 (UTC)

~This is me ~

5 basic things about me:
I live in the UK
I drink Human Blood
I am a vampire
I love the dark
I am not delusional

5 other things about me:
I am SI
I am tea total.
I play the guitar.
I'm smoke dope... hummmm :)
I'm a computer nerd!

5 things about my family:
My mum is an Alcoholic
My dad left before I was born... I don't know him.
I am an Only Child
I live away from home
My Grandfather has MND (Motor Neuron Disease).

5 things about my love:
He is 6'6"!!
He is a were.
He is very sexy!
He is tea total too!
He is studying Nursing.

5 things about my pets:
Between me and my grandparents (who I live with) I have 6
cats, two rats, lots of fish and a Bearded Dragon
My cat is called Angelo Fanzini, he is a black Smoke.
My bearded dragon is called Floyd (after the band Pink
I have indoor and outdoor fish!
My rats are hooded rats and they are called Merlin and

5 things about my friends:
Vicky is my bestest mate!
We have a habit of kissing each other to scare people!!
Vicky and I are good at getting barred from Clubs due to
her violent streak!
We always attract f**king weirdos
We have funky stoned evenings!

Linkin Park - 'In the End'