LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2001-12-28 22:34:31 (UTC)


The Christmases went really well this year. I got a ton of
List time!!
Josh: A pretty water fountain.
Tiki: An awsome doll, a shirt, hair ties, and a bandana.
Blaire: A dancer figerine.
Aunt Ann: Socks, perfume, lotion, gloves, watch, and a $25
gift certificate for K-Mart.
Grandma W: $10.
Mike & Family: A bunch of tea and a tea set.
Alex and Family: Shrek.
Aunt Karen: Sliper socks, a watch, Shrek, and braclets.
Aunt Chewie: $20 gift certificat from Wal-mart.
Mom and Dad: Cell phone, socks, photo album, and lots of
other stuffs.
I had a great Christmas, this year. Even though this is
really late coming out for Christmas, I just finished with
all the Christmas parties about 10 O'clock last night. ^_^;

Well I've gotta go for a while. Talk back @ you later!


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