the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 14:09:13 (UTC)

timing is everything

timing is everything

timing is everything, you know
just when you say you've had enough
just when you're ready to wave that white flag
and step out of the ring and stop playing the game
and stop feeling the pain because you're numb

that's when for a brief moment something
wonderful happens and reminds you why you live
and reminds you of what hope and joy and
even love is

and suddenly breathing is no longer a chore
and suddenly nothing is a chore and suddenly
there is no pain and suddenly you remember
what it's like to be alive and you start to like it

well, that's when they pull they rug out from
under you, right at that moment, so that
you can fall to the floor and then the biting
sting of pain hurts that much more

timing is everything, you know, they do it
that way on purpose because they can't let you
go on feeling hope and not feeling pain
this is their key, it's all in the timing