the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 14:08:59 (UTC)

what women want

what women want

do you want to know the secret to understanding what women
because I can tell it to you, it's simple, really

all women want is for their lover to know what they need
without them have to ask, and without them having to tell

oh, and yes, for you to do it, too, that's the other part of
they want men to know what to them seems obvious

but you men, you can't do what they want even when they tell
you what they need, point blank, and there's no guessing

which, you know, when they tell you, you've lost half the
but the least you could do is make it up in the second half

it's the least you could do to tell them you love them
and hold them and be their knight in shining armor

they know you're not riding up on a white horse coming
to sweep them off their feet and ride off into the sunset

but throw them this bone every once in a while, give them
the scraps from your plate under the table, just a little

they're yelping under the table hoping you understand their
they're shivering in the dog house when they should be by
your side

because they're starving over here, and it seems that only
can give them what they need, much less what they want

it's simple, really: they need attention, they desperately
need it
and they're tired of asking, because they shouldn't have to

this is the key to understanding what women want, so please
do something with this knowledge and save the on