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2001-12-28 22:12:18 (UTC)

i just got back from the bank...

i just got back from the bank.
fun stuff. let me tell you.

shannon you need to email me. you do. i miss talking to
you. i know i havent been around much...but you know the
reason without my even telling you. ive been busy. seems
like im always busy doesnt it. and im sorry for that.
but this is the way my life is. whether i want it to be or
not. but, im sure youre used to that by now. i am still
here though. just an email or a phone call away. so...take
advantage of that. =)

i am sleepy.

it seems nowadays like thats all i want to do.
i dont ever get enough sleep.
even when i sleep all day.

i had such a great christmas..
such a good time with emily.
i love her so very much.
she did really well with my presents. and i am impressed.
shes butch, you know.
people keep talking to me and its making me mad.
i hate it when people talk to me when im writing.
loss of concentration and loss of purpose.
they dont understand.

it seems as if writing is really the only thing that keeps
me fom loosing it completly.
i get in moods where i need to write. NEED. and if i dont.
i am not myself at all.
my brain needs a way to keep track of my thoughts.
organize and minimize.
i guess this is part of my rotation that cant be fucked up.

im glad sergio will be back here soon.
i need to talk to him.
i havent really TALKED to him since he left.
he is one of those people that will never change.
as far as i am concerned.
so im not worried about having to get back into the groove
with him or anything.
i just miss our talks. we have good talks.
we went from almost everyday friends to...not even talking.
funny how that can happen and its really neither one of our
and neither one of us is mad about it.
and..when he comes back. i am the first person he wants to
friendship like we have is great.
no pressure and no bullshit.
and i love him for it.

i am going to see emily tonight.
brian keeps calling me
i am going to see him. i need to. i didnt last year.
i feel obligated.
i will make it short though.
sergio will laugh at me i am sure.
but oh well.

i want to sleep. i do.


well yeah im going to go do something besides sit on my ass.
i do too much of that.