Diary of the Family Dracul
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2001-12-28 22:08:54 (UTC)

Sudden Realizations

As I sit here in my new duster I got on clearance at
Gadzook's.....wait, that doesn't sound like an appropriate
Wanna know something strange? Well, strange for me? Okay,
I'll tell you. I just stopped reading a book I got for
Christmas from my step-sister's mother about the Poe
Visitor. Still with me? Good. Now, suppose you were me, and
being me, you felt something tugging at you. Like there's
something you have to do. Well, I, being us at this moment,
realize that our Day Dream book that we got from Walden's
calender's at the Mall yesterday is still empty and waiting
for a day dream to be written into it. SO we remember a
daydream we just had a moment ago reading the book. About
being a big-shot lawyer in New York or D.C. and being on
But as we open the book, we realize there's something else
we need to put there, too. I figure out that unbearable
truth about myself. That during all this preoccupation
of "knowing" what my calling is in life and who I want to
be when I grow up, I've failed to realize that I haven't
spent any time "thinking" about what I want to do and be.
Wierd. Well, I'm going to read my book some more and listen
to my New Cd. ---SkyFox--

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