Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-28 21:41:54 (UTC)


Hey all! I'm listeningto my peppy mix that I made! lol.
Right now lovefool is on! I love that song! It's an oldie
but a goodie! Oh man, things are going so well right now!
All of my old friends are coming back to me! Katie just
invited me over to her house tonight from 7-11, I really
wanna go!!! But I already told Julianne I would do
something with her, so I guess I cant. :(. But yah, I'm so
glad cuz I miss all of them so much! Dude, Kelly gunna be
back to da partay girl again! Sweet! But I dont wanna lose
my new friends either, I just want it all! lol But I think
Kate might be coming over tomorrow, which is good cuz she
was my best friend for a really really really long time and
i miss her so so so so sso much!!!! Oh, I know who I like
too!!!! Finally! But I'm not going to tell anyone, cuz when
I do things get messed up or they like put hurt-downs
(julianne's new word for dis!!) on him, and that makes me
sad. I'm gunna try and get to know him better, cuz ya know,
maybe I have a chance with him! Sweetness. Prolly not but
Oh well!

Lots of Love!!