Nothing but drama....
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2001-12-28 21:30:12 (UTC)

Just been straight lazy.....

Where to start......Its been about 10 days since I last
wrote an entry, nothing to exciting has happened, but lets
recap ---
Im now 29 years old...My brithday went quite well. It was a
nice night out for dinner with Damien. (PF Changs). I
really enjoyed myself. "lets love each other like we know
how, and stop this fighting" Thats what he wrote in the
card. That got to me. We have been fighting, but things are
getting better. I dont have that anger toward him anymore,
but trust me, the mention of that BITCHES name, jumpstarts
me everytime too. UGH! ANYWAYS-----
That was the 19th....In between then and now, nothing much
hahppend except Christmas Chaos....It was nice, although
quiet compared to other Xmas' (jonathans first)...He looked
so cute too. (Santa suit)...Jonathan made out like a
bandit gallore. I didnt even get drunk or do
any dancing, hopefully New Years Eve is better.
I hope NY's is better. I want to get drunk. IM really
depressed and broke. I have to go back to work or
something. I have no money, and bills are piling higher and
higher. What do I do, part time, full time, no car....God
help me. I gotta go. Lost track of thoughts....

Love you Jonathan and you too Damien Sweetie

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