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2001-12-28 21:16:52 (UTC)

the odd life of me

i dont like to be alone in the world
i always feel alone but right now i feel really alone...
i have to deal with seeing josh after like a month of not
seeing him he looks like crap i feel sorta bad for him but
still i cant go back not after he cheated on me god knows
how many times. . . . . .
he finally stopped following me and i can now stop lookin
over my shoulder to make sure hes not there
i HATED that
he also stopped calling and driving by my house. . .
justin has been supporting me emotionally lately and i think
im starting to really fall for him
this is hard now i dont know if its too soon or what
i need some serious help here
on top of all this crap i lost my job and one of my best
friends HELP

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