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2001-12-28 20:56:10 (UTC)

home at last

lol well i'm home from rochester. it's the 28th, i believe.
and i got a killer skirt from my grandma, and a purse and a
wallet. it's really cool. i love the purse. it's purty. and
my knee has been bothering the hell out of me, but i didnt
wear my brace today. my pills arent helping too much, so
i'm kinda annoyed with it. my knee pops and is really
annoying. hm what else is new. oh ya my brother shut his
foot in the car window today on the way home. i swear that
kid has no brain sometimes. he's dense. literally. lol. i
cracked up and couldnt stop laughing. oh, and i got 3 new
dvd's. the exorsist, gladiator, and meet the parents. i
have yet to watch the exorsist, but it looks really good.
heather and kim are coming over later and spendin the nite.
and we're gonna watch all the evil movies we can find. lol.
but we have to warn kim at the scary parts so she doesnt
get nervous. oooooo and we get pizza and lots of other crap
food. hehe. we're pigs. we're all gonna get HUGE! ;) well
not literally. maybe just sick. very sick. maybe we should
harrass martino. hehe. and i still have to have johy over
to ride and give her and sam their x-mas presents. i'm lazy
as if you couldnt tell. but anyways, have to go clean up
mess for later. AND I FIXED MY COUCH! :-D lol.

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