thouhgts of Sam
2001-12-28 20:12:18 (UTC)


Hey diary
How are you? I am ok I could be better, I mean I am
really missing joselin, I think I am missing the fact that
I cant even call her. I thought making it through a "B"
day was hard but this sucks. I miss her so and I dont know
what I am going to do for the next week and a day. I am
working on my car right now but my dad is on the phone and
I really need his help it kind of sucks cause I dont really
want to do it but I have to I cant afford to pay someone
else to do it for me so in turn that means I have to do
it. And to make it worse I am making paul help me, it is
kind of shitty of me but I really need his help. I suck
with cars I wish I knew what I was was doing. I miss
Joselin! oh well I guess I just have to wait to see her,
and it hurts me, to know how far away she really is, but
I'm off for now