True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2001-12-28 19:07:10 (UTC)

It doesn't make sense

I have often thought that I would be much much more
older than I am to be in love. Shawn has caused me to
think things in ways I never thought I would. I'm not
crazy, obsessed over him...he's not on my mind all the
time. The thing is though when we do spend time together
for the next few hours to few days he is constantly on my
mine. Then I go back to my daily living. But the cycle
tends to repeat itself. I just wish that he could see me
as a girl he could date...not some sophmore.
On the happier side I have found a guy (online) who
shares the same medical condition as me. Granted he has
seizures about onece a week and I, well, his are bigger
than mine. He's 13 (me being 14), lives in Va (me in Ca)
and his name is Corey...hahaha that's the name of me teddy
bear that I've had since I was born. It's good to know
that there are people all over the United States like
me...being able to talk to them is just so, so, well it's
A guy named Josh at my school had one during his
baseball practice, my track practice time. I want to
contact him so he knows there's someone at our school who
had the same thing happen to them. Also so he could have
someone to talk to. And no, I don't want to talk to him
because he's a guy... a baseball guy... ;-P He's 15 I
Well, I have to be on my way...got to talk to my best
friend about Corey... laterz