Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-28 18:42:52 (UTC)


Ok, so. Xmas has basically sucked. All of it. Xmas dinner
was so boring.
I wish we could have gone up to N.Llyods house, because it
doesn’t feel Christmassy without her, and without her

Hmm..anyways, I feel kinda lucky, I got my trench
coat, “The lost highway” soundtrack, Blair witch2 and MI: 2
(which I hate so much, it’s unbelievable), and not
forgetting CLOSURE!!!-NIN!!!

I’m so bored right now, and I’m not even online, I’m just
writing in “word” to transfer, when I get online.

I haven’t been online for about two days, and it feels like
Carron, Brian and Zoe are supposed to be coming down
tonight, but I don’t know when. I’m kinda excited, even
though Zoe is a bitch; I haven’t seen her in ages.

I NEED to go to Leeds! Haha, I truly need to. I got £90in
cash and £20 in HMV vouchers £15 of my own to spend,

I’ll probably get the Smashing Pumpkins album. I didn’t get
it before because I thought I was getting it for Christmas.

Anyways, I really, truly, madly, deeply want that very nice
lace up leather looking plastic skirt from the French shop
in Leeds. Thought it’ll probably be gone by the time I get
through to Leeds.

About the £115 in cash, I kinda already bought something,
so….I have about £60. My mum’s been ringing most of the day
trying to get through to the “Attitude” company, to put in
my order. I ordered…a black velvet top with the little red
Celtic design, and the mesh top with long sleeves and cut
of shoulders. They’re both beautiful. And…a plain leather
wristband, which, I really wanted one for my neck, but they
don’t have any in plain leather.
Oh yeah, not forgetting lipstick! My purple is kinda….dead
so I need some more, so I ordered both purple AND blue.

But I’m still waiting for my NIN “Fragile” T-shirt. I paid
my mum for it, so I want it!!!

The closure video is fucking awesome!!
All the videos up to “The Fragile”, including “Happiness in
Slavery”. Rock on!! The wish/hurt/eraser video is sad. I
don’t know why but it just is. The images and the song
together are just really sad. Happiness in slavery-people
were making out that this video is really gory, but it’s
not at all. Just, please, don’t let them torture and kill
Mr Reznor like that…please!!!!

Haha, and the other video is just plain craziness. It’s a
live video of the tour.