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Emo Violence
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2001-12-28 17:56:17 (UTC)

michael jackson makes me sick

so its a good 1/2 of vacation over and i havnet gotten much
done, rested, yes, but accomplished, no. x mas was cool i
guess, i got a slammin record player. and saw family blah
blah blah. hung wiht joe and matt, matt is having self
conflicts about his girl friend which makes me sad, because
i can tell hes hurting. joe was his own miserable self,
which we couldnt cheer. yesterday i went to delaware to
hang with sam and rich, dan was there to. dan is cool but
he made me uncomfortable, i know sam and rich well i dont
knwo dan. i cant express how much i can relate to and i
feel love for sam. hes a wonderful person. i felt most at
ease and comfort when i was just chillin with sam and rich
and dan were bein gay together. sam is an awesome friend,
i almost wish that RICH did work and dan wasnt there so we
could just sit and talk, sam's zine is amazing, it made me
cry, but i wont tell him that. his love and hurt for annie
is almost detremental to his emotional state. he has all
the same records i have and the same room. he likes what i
like and thinks how i think. thats why we are good
friends, i guess. i want nothing more.

so now on to the next enigma. zac. i told him everything,
i told him that mandy said he wanted to hook up and that i
thought he was a nice boy. i ssaid i respected him and
liked his band and i enjoyed helping hom wiht his shows. i
told him i had a little thing for him, he said he thought i
was amazing but i was young and lived in pennsylvania. it
didnt break my heart, because i know things would always be
the same as they always were, tahts just how zac is. i
have to tell mandy, i hope she isnt mad that i told him all
that, ah well forget her.

phew, im tired.

i talked to jay last night, somthng i hadnt done in a while.


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