The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-12-28 17:22:12 (UTC)

so little to do, so much time

Well, we hauled a metric shit-ton of stuff out of the
basement the other day and sent it to the Goodwill. And the
basement's still chock full of junk! I'm making a pledge,
right here, right now, that I will never let my residence
become as cluttered as this house is. I probably won't be
able to keep that, though.

Since my last post, I've watched "Mallrats" and "Mighty
Aphrodite," both excellent. My break has consisted mostly
of watching movies, sitting on my ass in front of the
computer, and being cold. My guitar lesson is tomorrow, so
that should break the monotony a little, but damn this break
has been dull. Ah well, what can you do?

What I'd like to know is, what do other people do with all
this time off from school? I know some people are
travelling, and others have family in town. One of my
friends is working, and another is staying with his
grandparents or something, right here in town no less, and
yet he's unable to make any outside contact. Basically,
almost nobody I know has been on AIM or even been available
for contact, leaving me with very little social interaction.

So basically, this holiday, for me at least, has consisted
of killing time and wishing I had someone to talk to.
Christ, what an existence.