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2001-12-28 17:07:57 (UTC)

omg sum days just suk

hiya all
yeah well sum days just suk
like 2day, we went 2 BRENT CROSS and IKEA and man, they
were packed, breathing space was limited and poooooh wat a
stench in the air. Sweat, i reckon.
Went 2 ikea cos my bday is on sunday and my parents sed i
can hav new funiture in ma room.Sounds easier than it is.
Trailed round ikea lkin 4 single beds of which ther wer
about 7. Alllllll the rest were double beds, an i mean, how
boring can u get?!
neway, so we lookd and lookd and then dad says we'll hav 2
cum bak 2moz sooo aiiiiiiiiiiiii but i HELD IT ALL IN an
no1 saw how distressd i was at cuming bak, specially on a
sataday (weekend will be v. jam pakkkkked)!
so so so...feel bit weird stil...cant figure hu i should
luv...evry1 seems 2 think i fancy yelhsa which i do kinda
but its deepa i think. but i dont no 4 certain and i can
neva hav him. Neway he fancies my best friend.
wat can i do.

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