Product of a Broken Home
2001-12-28 16:39:45 (UTC)

For The Boy She Once Knew Doesn't Want to Know Her Anymore

i think thats a new plan, to try and use relevant quotes
for titles from now on, and just to add, i have ten minutes
to type this, so i may not finish, look for an updated
version later {tomorrow, or late tonight}

anyway, back to the relevant title. it feels like chris is
pushing me away again, or it did, until last nights three
hour conversation. its weird, we don't talk for such long
periods of time, ore at least they seem long, and then e
have these great conversations. anyway, up until last night
it was beginning to feel like he didn't want me around much
anymore, and i guess he has the right to want that if he so
chooses, but it hurts none the less. what else? i'm going
to get together with him today, and him and i and possibly
kenzie, if shes not busy, and i can get a hold of her, are
going to sanctuary, to pick out clothes for chris who wants
to go goth again to sedue kenzie, or to get her to seduce
him, either way. except i haven't seen him in over a month,
so i'm kinda hoping kenzie can't come, so i can have at
least a few hours with him all to myself. god that sounds
weird...but i mean, its not goin to be the same with kenz
around, sure it'll be fun, but so will spending time with
just him, only in a different sort of way. plus i prefer
one on one stuff..but for te god of chris, i'll try and get
a hold of kenie, god knows he needs the distraction...