Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-28 15:50:55 (UTC)

3 drunks + a good dvd= ?!?

Hey everyone!
Sup ? not much here! I got some new meds called Theraflu
and guess what all better! :)! well still a lil sick but
healthy enough to go hang with Abi and Josh today! :)!
yes! I can't wait!hehe ! my brother had a bunch of guys
over last night and they were so loud! omg! i was watching
a dvd downstairs (rush hour 2 ! lol great movie, even
better dvd! )haha .anyways hey were so hyped and drunk that
they were bouncing off the walls and they were trying
Jackie Chan moves! lol ! it was so funny! no one got
hurt,but it was funny cause steve and bryon did the lil
flip thing only steve dropped bryon and bryon then pulled
steve down with him and then both were so drunk and it was
so funny! those two and my brother were drunk and i was
sober (i got $100 riding on me stayin sober till i am 50!)
and they really cheered me up ! cause they were very funny!
and so was the dvd! lol ! wait if you watch a dvd do you
call it a movie or a dvd?? cause basically it is a movie on
a cd. oh and another question.... can you burn dvd's ??
you know like on a cd burner?? cause stephy and i were
talking last night and i asked her and she didn't know so
if you have any idea, hit me back and let me know ! lol i
think that would be totally hot if we could burn dvds. I am
sure there is a way! lol well i gotta blaze!
luv ya