2001-12-28 15:50:30 (UTC)


I have soo much to talk about!~ lol Well..first...I met
steve...and i think i already told u that story...but my
semi*s cummin up...and i mite be goin with him! I think
that is totally awesum! lol On a worse cuzin
Angel...well Joe(her dad) mullested her...:( makes me
sick to think that that @sshole wood do that to her! She*s
such a sweet girl! And I*m glad that he went to jail for
it! Plus..he had drugs in his possession when the cops he got hammered for that too...I hope he*s in
that place for the rest of his poor pathetic little life!
He surely deserves it! If i never saw him wood
be too soon...But he was the one that took me in when me
and heather got in a fight...and it makes me scared to
think that for a couple weeks i lived with him...he cood
have done that to me...thank goodness he didnt tho! I
dunno...But if i ever saw him again...I*d kick his butt! I
am so serious when i say that too. It makes me sick 2
think that MY UNCLE wood do sumtin like that! I feel so bad
for angel too...2day was the first day that i e*mailed her
since it happened 2 weeks ago...I dunno Nemore! This world
disgusts me! O well...what can one person do? ya know? well
ill tell ya the rest lata!