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2001-12-28 15:35:47 (UTC)

life goes on?....not really

well last night dustin called me. he's all excited about
hooking up with his old girlfriend and he kept asking me
what was wrong. finnaly i said"i cant get over you" hes all
like well i never expected you to like me and i'm sorry.
well he got a beep clicked over and said guess who it is
and i guessed nancey. he said yeah thats her and i was like
okay well, bye and he said iloveyou courtney. i was like
okay by. if i woulda said it i woulda ment it and he was
like well fine by and he hung up. i love him so much.
my best friend amanda is trying to get him off my mind so
shes taking me on a double date with her and her boyfriend
and her boyfriend's friend. i dont wanna go . i love dustin
why wont he love me anymore?

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