2001-12-28 15:06:38 (UTC)


Hey everyone whats up? not a whole lot here, just checkin
some of the responses i got on the whole "You got it bad"
situation im in :) well thanks for your support and
comments i enjoy reading them, cause as u know or dont
know, im a damn cripple still! and i cant get outta the
house so talking to ppl makes me feel much better.

Anyways, how was everyones holidays? mine went pretty well
i guess...i gotta see my baby cus! shes only 6 weeks
old! :) shes the cutest lil girl lol!

alright enough of that......hmmmmm......

Well i hope to be uncrippled...or at least get my neck
brace off sometime in the next 2-3 weeks or so, so im all
pumped about that, they still havent told me what i need to
do about rehab, so maybe i wont have to even take it! yeah!
heh....That way i can get right back to weightlifting, and
working on my coaching skills, (if u wanna know about the
coaching thing send me a response ill fill ya in) well i
best be going,

Shout outs to:.........Stephy! :) hey stephy whats up? talk
to you as soon as possible, crazy nut case!
Riss-Hey girl whats up? Sex Kitten lol! anyways yeah see ya!
Rachios-Girl u need to come back from florida already
jeezers!! miss ya!
And Lil Dogg- Sup Bro? keep real! be cool have fun and
peace out.