The Sarchasm Chronicles
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2001-12-28 14:39:08 (UTC)

One hurdle jumped

The house is now officially someone else's problem!

On January 27th at 1pm EST all the mortgage papers were
signed transferring ownership of the "Money Pit" to new

I almost feel sorry for them...
Except for the fact they got a new roof, new windows, and
an awesome deal on the house.

But then again, these are new home-owners... never had a
house before. Boy, are they in for a wake-up call!

I'll never buy another house again.
I come from a long line of renters, and I'm sorry I ever

The money actually came out better than expected.
Apparently our realtors were figuring the numbers on
software that was including NEXT year's proprty taxes, so
we ended up getting a little over $900 back.

But I didn't get to spend any of it...
Sybil had all her "numbers" ready, so my half of the loot
PLUS another $550 went toward paying off any joint bills we
had accumulated. Sucks that I didn't get to keep any of
the money - specially 'cause I still have the roof on my
credit card to pay for! But, at least I don't have to pay
anymore money to HER.

Only one real hurdle left to leap, and then I can start to
straighten out my life.

The dissolution court date is set for January 16th...