the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:55:56 (UTC)

The Truth and Liars

The Truth and Liars

September 2, 1998

I have been told so few truths in my life
I trust the average person less and less.

some things call for straight-out honesty
seldom do I voice my opinion
speak out in opposition
have my own voice

I am out of one hospital
and want to get out of a second one
one built by liars and people who deceive for a living

The truth-tellers are very, very difficult to find
when you give a little power to a liar
you'll be faced with a lifetime of fighting
and failures
when you are faced with liars
the battle to win is almost impossible

an average person who tried to earn my trust
would not succeed,
coming from someone who
knows the truth, someone who thinks

I have cried for so many people
that I can't even tell you
how many tears have been shed over me

Right now I hear the chatter of 2
waitresses at the front of this office
the world deserves more than mindless chatter
I've taught myself how to stop arguing
to stop being unpleasant
to stop making waves
fit in with those simple rules,
and you can be forgotten as soon as you're dead
it's not easy to give people what they want

sell yourself and your beliefs short.
Get ready for it. Brace yourself.
It will happen in time.