the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:55:22 (UTC)

Do That For Me Then

Do That For Me Then

October 24, 1998

That's where the problems come from
The problems come from having ideas, having theories,
thinking they're the right ideas,
and then acting on those ideas
without checking your premises to
see if they were even the right ideas

I've done that

I thought that everything would fall into place
and everything would have a happy ending for me
I've discovered that after all of these years
those happy endings haven't come around
and that there is no reason to have hope

But people want someone to deliver flowers
to them, for no reason
People could say something
nice to you, out of the blue
or tell you they loved you
I mean, you know they love you
but it's nice to hear

I think men don't get that

I hate having to be the voice of reason, but here goes
sometimes you have to do nice things

I like nice things done for me
I want someone to call me when they said they would
I want someone to tell me I'm worth something

I've wanted that for years