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2001-12-28 09:35:00 (UTC)

Damn I'm tired

Mood: Grumpy and Ecstatic at the same time
Music: 'Only Happy When It Rains' by Garbage
Time: 6:34 PM (12-28-01) Tokyo Standard Time

My boss called my damn cell phone at like 2 PM and asked me
to take over for the day ... again. We share office space
with a recording company and they're all going out to some
big party. I didn't want to say 'Sorry I can't come in
early because I was up until 10 AM dinking around on your
computers' so I just threw on my clothes and came in.

BUT it was definitely worth it because I got to spend the
whole night with Monica. Its official, she's my
girlfriend :) What can I say? I'm crazy about her. Its
like every day, I fall for her all over again ::big hugs to
my girl:: I was kind of worried at first about getting
serious with her, mostly because of what just happened
between Amber and I. I don't want to hurt Mona ... I care
about her so much.

I talked to Melanie last night. She lives in Michigan (same
as Amber, hmm) and I don't know her that well, but she's
like my psychiatrist ... she really helps me sort through
stuff. She told me the legal age of consent in MI is 16!
Damn that's young, but I heard Hawaii and Delaware are 14.
It doesn't really change anything though, Amber hates my
guts and I'm pretty much moving on.

That's about it. I'm going to be drinking a lot of coffee
today ::starts to twitch:: Ressa is being her usual AFK
self ... man, I'm really worried about Lisa. She's going
through some serious shit right now, and I kind of know
what its like. I hope things work out for her ::group hug::
This cold is still kicking my ass, and my neck is still
killing me (I think I head-banged too hard when Reid
did 'Battery' at the karaoke bar the other night) ... but
all I have to do is think of *her* and I find myself

@~}~~ for Mon