blood for tears
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2001-12-28 08:47:40 (UTC)

Im happiest when: im alone i..

Im happiest when: im alone

i feel lonely when: im around too many people

the ideal relationship would be: no strings attached

favorite movies: ones that make you think.

what makes you cry: human condition.

introvert or extrovert: a little of both. which half
surfaces depends on the situation im put into.

if you could live anywhere: high rise in a big city.

famous person you would like to meet: bette davis. john

do you believe in organized religion: not personally.

do angels or demons exist: probably.

what would you most like to be doing right now: drinking.

regrets: yes, too many.

sex or love: depends on the situation. the answer changes.

favorite coffee: black with sugar.

brand of cigarettes: kamel.

favorite scent: coffee and cigarettes.

what really makes you mad: prejudice. stupid people. myself

favorite way to waste time: smoking. drinking. acting like
and idiot.

what is your best quality: externally-my eyes.

are you currently in love/lust: no.

any bad habits: yes.

do you find it hard to trust people: its even harder when
you don't trust yourself.

do you ever doubt yourself: of course.

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