What's up now?
2001-12-28 08:17:41 (UTC)

pretty close to perfect.....

so it's thursday.....and tonight was absolutly
heaven.....well the whole day was kinda crappy, tehres just
somethings that get annoying when you come home, after
you're so used to living away and pretty much on your yeah, today was one of THOSE days....but ended up really good....I went and saw a
ridiculously stupid movie with Christy(I swear I was dumber
when I left that I was when I went it)....we went and saw
Vanilla Sky.....Fucked up movie....then I came home and
while waiting for Brian to get here, I talked to
Rachel....gosh do I miss her!!!....Then Brian got here and
we were we went to get coffee and right as we get
there Brians brother calls and says he needs help with his
car becuase it broke down....brian and I had been having a
lot of fun thus far so I thought what the hell, it wont be
so bad!! He was a little mad, but I told him it wasnt a
big deal, so he was okay :) It was actually kinda fun, we
went and got him and his friends and we all talked a little
and then took them back to their appt....then we decided to
come back to my house.....we just chilled....went in the
hot tub, and chilled some was so great :) I'm
totally getting used to this, and it's going to be REALLY
hard to leave him.....he's sooo good to me....he just does
the SWEETEST carying me from my house to the
hot tub so I dont have to freeze my feet off :) Just small
things like that, that make me love him more each time I
see him....ahhhh......