once again
2001-12-28 07:32:25 (UTC)

It s been a while since i ve..

It's been a while since i've written but I really don't
think that i need to right now. I'm happy again. THings
are going good for once. Shawn might have this job with my
cousin as an apprentice with construction. He just has to
talk to the big guys. But I think it looks good becuase he
wanted to talk to him. I had a good christmas. Shawn is
great with the kids. They love him now. Shawn is really
trying to prove himself. He's still a little lazy but he
is trying a little bit which is an improvement over the
last 2 years. He's so awesome with me. I know it's
probably the romance/huney moon period right now but I
don't care. He brought me flowers last ngiht at work. He
waits for me for 2 hours almost everynight at Chili's.
Just sits and he never used to do this. This is good and
my family likes him again. I think. They are treating him
well and he showers and eats almost every meal here. I'm
so happy, I got my year anniversary ring fixed, so now that
is my promise ring from him. He promises alot and I have a
big gaurd up, but if he stays on this path things will be
what we wanted 2 years ago. Finally I have a little bit of

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