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2001-12-28 06:50:08 (UTC)

New Goals!

George and David are staying! God I am sooo glad.... this
changes everything! Maybe next semester will be better...
GOD I hope so. Well since I've been home I've been
working out pretty much everyday but I really haven't lost
any weight! I am getting so frustrated. I have decided
to become Vegan starting Jan 1st. I really don't feel
like I have any other choice. This way I can give people
reasons as to why I can't eat a lot of foods and then
hopefully it will keep me from binging on the bad things!
I have to look better next year I just have to and I
will! I'm recording my stats from now on... by posting my
info maybe I'll be embarrassed into losing the weight. I
am so desperate and depressed... losing weight is the only
way to fix things. I have to weigh 103 lbs like I did in
Sept! I just HAVE TO! 103 is my short term goal, hopefully
by the second week in Feb ... 90 is what I really want to
be... hopefully by April!

Current Stats:

Height: 5'0
Weight: 115 lbs
BMI: 22.5

Wish me Luck!

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