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2001-12-28 06:29:46 (UTC)

can't sleep.....

Ok, so I was only going to write that intro entry tonight,
but well.. i can't exactly sleep and there is no one for me
to talk to right now..i decided to start an online journal
because i usually have a lot on my mind..silly things that
i hate to actually talk to people about, yet i find it
easier to type it out.. so bare with me all:) no one will
read these anyways...
but if someone is reading this i got a question for you..
is it possible to miss something that you've never had?? i
mean, i have this feeling lately..and not until today have
i been able to total realize what it is..but it's a feeling
of missing something...yet i think i'm missing something
that i've never even had.. hard to explain and not really
up for trying to get it out of my system tonight.. don't
have the energy..but you'll be sure to hear more about this
nighty night..
take care

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