ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-12-28 06:18:17 (UTC)

That was the year that was..

(not in chronological order.. this was bigger than Ben Hur
to recall.. So I have written in subconscious stream
fashion. As I remembered, and smiled/blushed/laughed, I
wrote.. :)

This is "The Year That Was!" Most of these are things I
did for the very first time.. :)

- I remember at the stroke of midnight, 31st December,
2000.. heralding the start of 2001.. amidst the fireworks
and mayhem.. by thinking of several international friends
of mystery (ergot being one of them.. by another name) and
wishing Happy New Year to him. :)

- Late night phone calls to my Life Mate, with the bbm also
at home, sometimes just metres away.

- Going out with no panties.. for the thrill of it. Plus
the added incentive of wanting to share it with Blunt,

- Phoning Blunt from my mobile, in a changing room in a
clothes store, and .. well.. you know.

- Smoking. (naughty!)

- Trying ganga (how very naughty, I can't even write the
proper name!) for the first time.. two times. And not being
able to move. And then being taken advantage of.

- Becoming free.. in areas I've never been free in.
Thinking for myself. Being able to say "no". Not worrying
what others (church mainly) think of me. Being free to be
who I want to be, how I want to be.

- A rough year, relationship-wise. Being hit, punched,
kicked, pushed, thrown to the ground, had things thrown at
me. Yelled at. Being so very scared. For the first time
ever, packing a port and trying to leave. But being
forcibly stopped at the door. This is a part of my life I
will not let continue, this coming year.

- A wonderful year as a mum. Lots of fabulous, magical
moments with my son. He's great. A constant source of
laughs and joy, and pride. I love him. :)

- At different times had my mother and my brother, and at
one time my father.. living with us.

- I met a man I had met online. Dangerous in itself. Then I
spent time with him. It was fun. It was delightful to be
adored. And I let him kiss me. Then I kissed him too. To
write it down like that.. seems so totally inconceivable
that I did it. But I did. :)

- Passed out from old/off red wine. At 1pm-ish in the
afternoon. I was so disappointed, because I had been
feeling so horny, playing chess with Blunt. Then logged off
to call him. In between logging off and grabbing the
phone.. I became violently sick, and passed out. I woke up
about 6 hours later, with no clothes on.. lol Oh dear.

- Have had a psycho man online threaten terrible things.
With much gratitude to blunt.. for helping me out on that

- Danced with a man at a club. He danced very close. Tried
to kiss me. I pulled away. Did not want that. Freaked me
out. That was my first ever time..

- Danced and teased and stripped on cam.. for blunt. Wow.
These hidden areas of me.. I have so enjoyed letting them
free. :)

- Operation Sand Man.. secret agent messages in the sand,
on live beach webcam. :)

- Sent a very naughty sms story..

- Wrote an erotic bathtime story..

- said the "f" word.

- Rang up the radio station's psychic woman, to see if she
knew about ergot. (she didn't.. but she said he had another
woman in his life.. and we wouldn't meet.) Like she'd
know. ;)

- Became close to a male friend online.. and amidst lots
of "working things through" with blunt.. it came about
somehow that I had to give this friend up. Which was hard.
Took ages. Was very hard. Was unfair. But I understand the

- something to do with vegetable matter.

- Did something right the way through to the end.. (going
down on bbm...) I had never 'completed' it before. If you
know what I mean?

- Made peace with my dad. And his de-facto. (I hate that

- Went to the movies with my gay hairdresser who became
instantly a fabulous new friend. :)

- A year of incredibly stressful financial times. It's at
its very worst as I write this. I have no idea how to
alleviate it in the next few days. There will be an answer
though. I just hope the fabulous new job I'll get in the
next week or so comes even quicker. :)

- I have a "Life Mate Insurance" deal with ergot. :) 10% of
our net income, goes to the other. I love that. It has to
be the most fabulous deal I've ever heard of. Two people..
who've never met.. but are so close. Others would not
believe it. Would think we're mad. Would highly stress
against sending money to each other.. :) But I think we
are simply the best. Nothing compares.

- I have opened myself to blunt, in ways I never have with
anyone else. By this I mean, being totally honest. Not
trying to give/be what the other person want. Or what I
think they want. But truly being myself. I thank him for
that opportunity.

- I have been an International Woman of Mystery. Ms Trouble
(Ms Danger Crafty Trouble? :) the JuJu Queen. Otter girl.
And many other aliases. :)

- I have been a succulent wild woman. :)

- I have lived juicy. But a little out of control.

- I participated in a couple of online 'experiments' with Blunt. One
time was in a room with about 4 men. And me the only woman. With
Blunt watching/participating. Wow. That is sooooo naughty. I cannot
believe I did it.. and enjoyed it and was soo turned on. (I did feel
guilty and bad, afterwards.. some responses I cannot help.)

- Have outlined the beginnings of an amazing book I'm writing, with
blunt's help/advice. I am going to complete in in the coming year.
It's going to be magnificently exciting. :)

- Discovered the 3 hour calls for $6.50 (of which hardly any of them
were charged at that, as my changeover to that phone company never
eventuated until only a week or so ago, apparently!) However, I
enjoyed several long chats with my antipodean mate. :)

- Even went to the loo, while on the phone with him. Although he was
off doing something while I was on there, and I made sure I was in
stealth mode.. lol

- Wore my favourite pink satin panties while at the movies.. rang
blunt on my mobile, told him I was wearing them. Then that night,
touched myself through them... then wrapped them up.. sent them via
my mother (!!) to him. Saw him on cam.. with them. Wow.. :)

- I have loved my Life Mate. And will continue to love him
lavishly. :) f3 ergot.

- - - - - -

(I shall continue to add as I remember things.)

And let it be said, that the coming year.. the Adventures
will continue! :)