Visions Of Life
2001-12-28 05:20:02 (UTC)

Parents... Yuck...

Why is it that parents make life unbearable? How is it
possible that they can ruin an entire day in the span of 2

I saw my dad today.. We had dinner.. He was almost 4 hours
late but that was okay.. He was the same, unemotional guy
like he always is.. I still do not like him but sometimes I
get sick of hating.. sick of fighting.. and i just want to
get along with everyone..

So we are discussing my brother who I havnt seen in almost
2 years.. I decide to call him and try and work things out.
My dad says Robert has a nice job and a new
girlfriend/fiance'. So I go to my mom's house.. She asks
how it went.. I tell her okay and tell her I am going to
call my brother since he seems to be doing well.. She gives
me this horrible, bitchy look. I ask what that was for. She
starts screaming at me, telling me Im being defensive over
my brother and how everytime I see my dad she cant seem to
do anything right.. I mean, I said like one sentence and
somehow thats saying i think my dad and brother are gods..
That is totally not the case. I do not like either one but
am sick of hating them.. I just want a normal family.. My
dad bad mouths my mom, my mom bad mouths my dad and
brother, my brother bad mouths the world.. Why cant people
just be cival? Instead everyone hates everyone.. No wonder
people disown family members.. fuck.. I think I need a
vacation from my family...