Life, no one gets out alive?
2001-12-28 05:05:50 (UTC)


I took a personality test that scores me as INTJ which
happens to the same personality type as; Charles Darwin,
Adam Smith, Ludwig Blotzmann, and Albert Einstien (my
favorite man). It actually explains alot becuase all of
these people were rather intoverted(as I am) and felt that
they had to go against the grain for a long time in life.
Again this is true in my life. I don't know maybe I am
bound for greatness but most likely I am not. I will
probably never be as great as I wish to be(a greatness that
all these people acheived). So I leave you with quote from
Adam Smith:
"Virtue is more to be feared than vice,
because its excesses are not subject to
the regulation of conscience."