the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:52:31 (UTC)

As I Recovered

As I Recovered

October 16, 1998

I was supposed to be
saving a life by turning the wheels
and avoiding an accident. Well,
I did. I turned the wheels of my car
and that saved the motorcyclist's life.
My car was pushed by someone else into
oncoming traffic so another car could hit me,
i think the first car hitting me was
enough, but while we're at it, let's
get someone else to ruin me as well,
they can even push me over 100 feet.

That's what I got for saving a life.

After the hospital, after I
got out of the coma, no one
even visited me - no one
that did this to me visited me.
Not the people who hit me, not the guy
who's life I saved. Did he even know
I saved his life? Did he even know
he could have been dead that day?
None of those people even attempted to
pay me back. For my car,
or my time, or my coma. This is what
I get for being nice. I have the
physical and emotional scars
from that day. And
no one ever apologized to me
for the pain they caused. None of them
even visited me as I recovered.