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2001-12-28 04:30:19 (UTC)

Busy day

I woke up at about 12:30 today, about 2 minutes before
Laura called to see if I wanted to go shopping, so I speed
dressed, and we went up to the mall, and were there until
about 3:15 or so. i think we were in just about every
store there... I ended up buying the rest of the Ender
books, and a funny shirt from Abercrombie (*wrinkles nose*
I usually don't buy stuff from there, but I couldn't
resist), and then Laura and I went to see "Vanilla Sky"
over at Carmike. It was pretty good... although they drew
some stuff out way too long... it wasn't confusing, like
people kept telling me... and no one in the theatre except
for Laura and I thought most of it was funny. I got home
about quarter to seven, checked my messages, and Shannon
had called to see if I was going up to the station (oops..
I totally forgot), and Parker had called and said he was
having some people over, so after convincing mom (*rolls
eyes*), and doing some speed packing, I went over for a
little while. It was really good to see everybody (well,
not everybody, but a lot of my friends from that group) and
Cami was there! yay! I just checked my e-mail, and Fede
had wanted to do something today, too... I feel bad that I
didn't see it until just now... But I feel loved, because
everyone wanted to spend time with me!