the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:52:15 (UTC)

for my car or my life

for my car or my life

October 16, 1998

I never once had the chance to grasp
that anything ever happened to me

it wasn't until after the hospital,
an endless stream of weeks.
moving to another house
with unexpected people

face the facts, girl

put all of my belongings in storage,
my car was gone

was I expected to go through this?


insurance companies wouldn't fix the car
they gave me enough money
for my time, but not
for my life

No one has paid me back for all lost

I have no car
no time
no chance

who is going to pay me
for all I have lost

no one apologizes to me
I have no one to forgive

they couldn't even give me that

when I was angry
when I resigned myself to losing anything I valued
when there was nothing I could do
to get that all back

I was invincible, you know
nothing could happen to me because nothing did
but I was in the intensive care unit
I was on a respirator
and I survived it

I could hope that time heals all wounds
that's what people keep telling me
ask me in a few years
if I forgot
and everything is better