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2001-12-28 01:03:24 (UTC)

Thursday night - how much I hit more harder things are shown

I passed day thinking about Mel. Sh is affraid from her bandit boyfriend.
I think she really do not like him and just made some wrong
choices. She thinks she cannot go out of those problems.
I am not watching the enemies. They are only looping away
in same actions. It is difficult to say things when she
was in mistaken with false friend around her.
She will go to beaches and I do not think it would help her.
May it make her far from problems of here.
I will pray for her a last time. What are the problems.
Some addictions some wrong choices some false friends.
I could save her because I made some promises to myself
to never left a friend alone. In real I made promises for
Love. She would count with her parents.